Oil Hardening Tool Steel Bar | 100MnCrW4 | O1 | SKS3 | DF2 | DF3 | 1.2510



General purpose oil hardening medium alloyed cold work tool steel, 2510 material with chromium-manganese content possessed good machinability, mechanical wear resistance and edge holding quality. Vanadium-Wolfram content reduces high working temperature wear and retention of temper temperature.

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Oil Hardening Tool Steel Bar

Properties :

General purpose oil hardening medium alloyed cold work tool steel with minimum size change, high impact strength and hardenability, good edge holding, abrasion resistance and machinability properties, dimensionally stable during heat treatment, high surface hardness and sufficient toughness after hardening and tempering.


Applications :

Cutting, blanking, punching and stamping tools and dies up to 6 mm sheet thickness, thread cutting tools, chasers, cold forming tools, arbours, drill bushings, collets, drawing punches, machine knives for the wood, paper and metal working industries, woodworking tools, cold trimming dies, shaping wheels, measuring tools and gauges, milling cutters, drills, reamers, taps, broaches, callipers, profile rollers, coining tools, industrial blades, moulds for the plastics industry, knurling tools, medium run blanking dies, cold working mandrels, master engraving rolls and taps, guide rails, plug gages.

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